The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa, review

The Iron QueenTitle: The Iron Queen
Series: Iron Fey #3
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 358
Published: january 2011
GR hodnocení: 4.48  / 5

I thought it’s not possible to love this series even more. I was wrong. I had to take notes during reading, so I could mention all the awesome facts about it and this review isn´t long enough to contain them all. I tried to bookmark all my favorite quotes and scenes but soon I gave it up – I would have bookmarks on every second page.

The storyline is a little bit different – we know that there should be some kind of closure for the “Iron Fey issue” and we expect the final battle, we know when it should lead us. What we certainly cannot expect is The ending, but more on that later.

It´s full of thrilling skirmishes, unexpected complications and heart-stopping scenes. The writing is captivating, descriptions don’t lack in any department and dialogues are funny and witty. Even though I expected one or two twists and Part One was a little bit slow it didn’t bother me much.

There is everything we’ve loved so much in previous books but it´s tinted with desperation and uncertainty about characters´ fates that wasn’t so prominent before. The characters have evolved – I especially loved Meghan’s transformation – she’s no longer self-conscious human girl but a strong summer princess, she stands her ground, she´s learning how to fight with a sword...

Ash is still solemn, chivalrous and pensive but we often see his emotions, hopes and fears. He’s so human as a winter fey can possible be and that’s just amazing to see. And he likes Scrabble (I just had to mention it!)

This book reveals some unpleasant Ash´s and Puck´s secrets. There are some heart-throbbing family reunions, interesting bargains are being made and favors are being called in. We learn more about faery vows and faery lore. And all that is wrapped up in a package together with deathly Iron fey, so don’t be surprised by mentions of Terminator or Star Trek.

That the ending is extraordinary is all can say without spoiling anything. It offers satisfying closure of the trilogy but it won’t let you sleep nevertheless.

Overall: I loved it. Up there with my favourite series of all times!

This is a review of an advance reading copy provided to me by Harlequin Teen and Netgalley. 
Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book, I really appreciate it.

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